The Reformed Layman


Works of the Layman


After spending time and effort in pursuit of a particular point of doctrine, I find it helpful to gather and summarize my thoughts on the subject. Occasionally I will compile these summaries in the form of a dialogue. I am not an approved teacher in Christís Church, and so I do not offer these works as authoritative teachings, but as the observations of a fellow student. Perhaps you will find them useful.


A Conversation Concerning Infant Baptism

This is my own brief defense of the biblical practice of infant baptism. Over the years I have had many discussions with Baptists concerning infant baptism. They have kindly supplied me with a great deal of Baptist literature on the subject. After sifting thru their books and our many lengthy conversations, I have attempted to distill the argument into its few basic points of contention, and present my conclusions back to the reader in conversation form.

A Conversation Concerning Pretended Liberty of Conscience

We live in a time when it is assumed that a man may preach any doctrine he pleases without fear of punishment from the State. Many Christians would bristle at the notion of even their own Church holding them accountable, (perhaps even barring them from the Lordís Table,) for their beliefs. It is widely held that men posses a God-given right to believe and teach whatever they please. While there is a Biblical Liberty of Conscience, there is also License, the imposter. This brief study is based on Samuel Rutherfordís work A Free Disputation Against Pretended Liberty of Conscience mentioned above. It is not an exhaustive treatment of the subject, but it does provide a brief overview of many controverted points (both the objection and the answer).