The Reformed Layman


Limited Atonement


A Confutation of the Dutch-Arminian Tenet of Universal Redemption, By Theoph. Brabourn, 1651

Did Christ die for everyone who has ever lived, or ever will live? Did he die for those who were already in hell, while he was hanging on the cross? Did he die for those who would never hear the Gospel, or for those who would hear it and reject it? If he did die for the sins of those who were already in hell, or who would in the future land in hell, what are they being punished for? Has God demanded a double payment for the same offenses, by punishing them once in Christ and again in the sinners? In this very fine book we have not only a clear refutation of the Arminian heresy of Universal Atonement, but also a clear defense and declaration of the Biblical Doctrine of Limited Atonement.


The Synod of Dort, 1619

This is taken from the 1619 edition printed in London by John Bill when it was “Englished out of the Latin copy” Here we see five of the principal errors of Arminianism refuted in some detail. The Biblical doctrines of Predestination, Limited Atonement, Total Depravity, Irresistible Grace, and Perseverance are all clearly explained and defended against the destructive and damnable heresies of Arminius and his followers. In addition, you will find “The Sentence of the Synod concerning the Remonstrants” which will give some insight into the views of these Reformed Theologians concerning the suppression of heresy by the Magistrate.