The Reformed Layman


Justification thru Faith


The Life of Justification Opened, by John Brown of Wamfrey, 1695.


          In this volume, Mr. Brown explains and defends the Doctrine of Justification. We see here how when Adam sinned, he did not simply disobey for, or as himself, but was a representative of all his natural descendants. When he fell, we all fell. When he became unrighteous, we all became unrighteous. In the same way, when Christ came, born under the Law which promises life for obedience and death for sin, He did not obey simply for, or as himself. He obeyed in the place of all his elect. He fulfilled all righteousness in their stead. Just as He died for all his elect, bearing the punishment for their sins, He also obeyed for them, satisfying all that the Law required in exchange for eternal life.

Of all the Puritan works on the subject of “Justification thru Faith”, this is perhaps the best. Not only does Mr. Brown thoroughly present the doctrine with crystal clarity, but he also gives a sound refutation of the many unscriptural arguments raised against it. The entire work has been uploaded.